back something up

SUBSTANTIATE, corroborate, confirm, support, bear out, endorse, bolster, reinforce, lend weight to.

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  • back something up — can you back up that statement with any real evidence? Syn: substantiate, corroborate, confirm, support, bear out, endorse, bolster, reinforce, lend weight to …   Thesaurus of popular words

  • back something up — Syn: substantiate, corroborate, confirm, support, bear out, endorse, lend weight to …   Synonyms and antonyms dictionary

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  • take back (something) — 1. to get control over something you controlled earlier. Democrats hope to take back the House of Representatives in the next election. Once we give them up to the government, we will never be able to take those rights back. 2. to say that… …   New idioms dictionary

  • bring back something — bring back (something) 1. to cause something to become popular again. He s trying to bring back disco music. 2. to cause someone to remember something. That music always brings back happy memories. Related vocabulary: bring to mind… …   New idioms dictionary

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  • roll back something — roll back (something) to return something to a previous condition. Her staff has pushed to roll back environmental protections. It s unusual for any company to roll their prices back. Usage notes: often said about prices or laws …   New idioms dictionary

  • set (you) back (something) — to cost you an amount of money. A marriage license will only set you back $30. The gas powered generator would set him back at least $5 million …   New idioms dictionary

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